Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We Have Made a Lot of Projects Together!

Here are the rest of the pictures I took at the Little Bits meeting, of projects we have made together through the years.

We made wool pin cushions at June's house.  June has been very generous with her wool! (And her yo-yos!)

More yo-yo's on a painted canvas.  I believe Lori got us going on these.

Max got us going on Snippets - cutting up little pieces of fabric and fusing them onto a background to make pictures, such as this Christmas tree and wreath that she made.

These last two pieces are quilts that Eleanor made on her own.  She found the pattern for this one in a magazine.

And here is her Dear Jane!  She decided to make a smaller version.

 It is quite amazing when we gather all of our projects together to see how much we've done over the years! Keep on quilting - there are many more projects to make!
Have a great day :)

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