Sunday, May 8, 2016

Amazing Miniatures

First of all Happy Mother's Day!  I had a lovely day starting with breakfast in bed from my hubby to chatting online with all of my children and my mother!  I'm so thankful for my family :)

Here are some pictures of some amazing miniature quilts from the HMQS show in Salt Lake City.  These were truly jaw-dropping.

Wee Red and White Delight
Pieced and quilted by Ruth Davis

This one is probably about 10-12 inches square!

All Fired Up
Pieced and quilted by Suzy Webster

About 12 inches square on this one - look at the quilting!

Wickedly Green
Pieced and quilted by Deborah Poole

This one was larger - probably 24 inches?

Almost Squared Away II
Pieced and quilted by Sharon Scholtzhauer
(from Colorado!)

This is a miniature version of her larger quilt.  This little gem is only about the size of a piece of notebook paper!  I love it!

Lotus Flower
Pieced and quilted by Pamela Kidd

This is a Sally Collins design and is about 18 inches maybe.

Aren't these amazing?  I'm inspired to make another miniature!  After I quilt Jane....

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