Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bloc-Loc Rulers

Last week at the CWQG meeting, Janna Thomas from Bloc Loc Rulers presented the program. Unfortunately I had another meeting and was late, so I just caught the tail end of it.  I own a few Bloc-Loc rulers though, that I picked up at the Denver National Quilt Show and I love them! They are one of those great tool finds that I use all the time - a good investment!

I took a few pictures of Janna's work that she still had lying around.  This quilt here was the basis for the workshop she offered the next day.

You can read find out more about Janna and Bloc Loc rulers at:

Here are a few show and tell photos from the CWQG meeting as well.

Lucina finished her challenge from the Sharon Wright presentation in March.  She's speedy!  Way to go!

Look at these critters!  I love this quilt.  I bought a pattern for a hedgehog quilt at HMQS.  Loving the critter quilts lately!

For all you Survivor fans - season finale tonight :)  Pop your popcorn and settle in for three hours of fun!  I don't know why I'm so hooked on this show, but I am ....

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