Saturday, May 7, 2016

Borders and Ghost Blocks

The other two classes I took at HMQS were both from Deloa Jones.  One was Border Patrol, where we learned, practiced drawing, and watched her stitch out several different border designs.  I really liked this class and learned some great border designs that I feel are very do-able for me!

These are some of her samples of the border designs she taught us.

You can find out more about Deloa Jones at:

This design and variations of it were my favorites.  They were very easy to draw and really fill the space.  I can't wait to try stitching them onto a quilt!

And note, these "feathers" really do look like hot dogs and that's OK because they're supposed to! :)

Another variation of the design I liked above.  This one was more challenging for me.  I need more drawing practice before trying to stitch it!
 The other class was on creating Ghost Blocks such as this one.  The only pieced part of the block is the red star - all of the rest of the design is quilting.  Yes - this will definitely take some practice!
Both were fun classes and I really learned a lot!  I'm kind of on information overload right now!

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