Friday, June 10, 2016

A Night in Kenmare

Stopped for a photo op while traveling to the hotel Tuesday evening.
The hotel in Kenmare we stayed in.
Look who is on their cell phones at dinner! The oldest couple in the group are always so excited when they get Wifi! The younger "kids" in the group say "See? We are not the ones always on our cell phones!"  In fact, I haven't even see the 30 somethings use their cell phones except to take pictures! Too funny :)
We were treated to live, traditional Irish music by this family. Traditional instruments, Irish dancing.... It was so fun. They were so talented!
The guitar, accordion, concertina, violin, flute - and no sheet music, they knew it all by heart. They played, sang and danced for two hours!

Wonderful evening. We got in a little shopping in Kenmare too, even though our guide Larry is allergic to shopping :) He started sneezing when he loaded Michelle's bag the next morning.


  1. Haha! Larry is allergic to shopping! Can't wait to see what you've bought!