Sunday, June 12, 2016

Golfing in Ballyferriter

One of the highlights of the week was golfing nine holes at the Dingle Links course in Ballyferriter, just outside of Dingle. (Bally means town, so you see a lot of "Bally" names.)
The golf course was just down the hill from a set that was built for the new Star Wars movie! In this picture do you see the white path leading up the hill? It is a removable track leading up to a set built on top of the hill. They recreated the beehive huts that are on the top of Skellig Island where they filmed the last scene of the last movie. Skellig Island is difficult to get to, so apparently they still filmed some scenes there but filmed the rest at this location. Our taxi driver told us that they had all the actors in and out of there in about five days a couple of weeks ago, and they are currently disassembling the set and taking it to a film studio in England. She said all they filmed there will only comprise about eight minutes in the movie.

Golfing in Ireland was a blast! We golfed with an experienced golfer from our group, Brian. He was very patient as he only got to hit the ball once for about every three times I did. But I really didn't do too terrible and we had a wonderful time! The weather was perfect, we could see the ocean, the cows and the beautiful landscape - it was awesome.
All the signs are in Gaelic and English.

A links course was new for me and all three of us lost ALL of the balls that we started with - probably a dozen total. If we hadn't found some others while looking for ours, I'm not sure we would've been able to finish :) When Bēbhinn asked us today what one of the highlights of our trip was, all three of us mentioned the golfing. It really was fun :) Thanks to Mike for helping me practice before the trip!

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