Monday, June 27, 2016

Look Who Is Visiting!!

We are lucky enough to have our daughter and granddaughter visiting for a few days!  Of course, we are having so much fun!

I decided that we didn't have enough baby toys so I went shopping Friday before they came and met some other grandparents in Target doing exactly the same thing!  It was funny.  In comparing notes, we found out that we were both expecting visits from 8 month old granddaughters!

Today we went upstairs to the HOT sewing room (because the AC has decided not to work properly), and Megan made her a soft ABC book.  It turned out really cute!

She enjoyed playing with the measuring tape and other fun things we found in the sewing room!

Who knew a measuring tape could be such fun??

I guess I did have some baby toys after all!!

Hope your day is going great :)

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