Sunday, June 12, 2016

Muckross House

Larry dropped us off at Muckross House, we said goodbye to him and were picked up later by Bēbhinn.
Muckross House was designed by British architect William Burn and built in 1843 for Henry and Mary Herbert. It has 65 rooms and was built in the Tudor style. Extensive improvements were made in the 1850's in preparation for a visit by Queen Victoria in 1861. This was a contributing factor in the financial difficulties for the Herbert's and resulted in a sale of the estate in 1899 to Arthur Guninness. It was sold again in 1911 and eventually the house and its 11,000 acre estate was given to the Irish nation. It is now part of Killarney National Park.
It was so pretty and peaceful here. We enjoyed walking around the grounds and exploring.

This is Pat and I. These pink flowers almost look like they have silver beads on them - so pretty.

After Bēbhinn picked us up we headed into Killarney for lunch and we ate at Murphys Bar, a place Mike and I had eaten at four years ago! The food is still good!

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