Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Slea Head Drive

Here are some more pictures from our Slea Head drive on Thursday afternoon.

More Beehive huts in the distance.  It looks like the sheep like them!

There are a lot of birds - not just seagulls but  wide variety of birds.

We could see the Blasket Islands off in the distance.

Beautiful coastline.

We would usually stop for "coffees" once a day. Michelle and I don't drink coffee but we kind of got hooked on hot chocolates :)

This was an interesting stop at this oratory, built around the 7th or 8th century!

Apparently if you go through this hole from the inside to the outside, your sins are forgiven.  There was some talk of trying to fit Amelia through, but luckily she didn't try it!  Wouldn't want to get stuck in a hole in the oratory!

Thought it was fun to see what their mailboxes look like.

The streets of Dingle!

The harbor in Dingle :)

I am home now, trying to catch up on mail and other neglected things.  It was sure a fun trip!  I'll keep posting pictures until I catch up - hopefully not too boring!

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