Friday, July 29, 2016

Are You Organized?

First of all, let me share a couple more birthday gifts.  My daughter made this fabulous book full of pictures and travel details from our Ireland trip together in June.  She spent hours and hours on it and I LOVE it!  You know how you think you're going to remember things and then you don't?  Well, now it's all written down, complete with photos, so we'll never forget this wonderful trip.  What a treasure!

My friend Kim (who by the way has been my dear friend for 50 years!) sent me this really, really nice quilt book!  I had never seen this one before and it's full of blocks patterns for inspiration.  I can hardly wait to design a quilt using the many, many ideas in this book!
For weeks The Quilt Show website on their Daily Blog has been giving us tips on how to organize our sewing spaces.  Being part of a Lego loving family I just had to share this one.  How clever is this?  Who knew those little Lego guys could hold our cords for us?  I need one on my nightstand.  I may have to go raid the Lego buckets up in the attic....
Speaking of organized.  I consider myself an organized person.  I don't think I'm obsessive about it, but others might think I am.  For years that seems to be the one thing people find to say about me, "She's so organized!"  My oldest son, when he was in first grade made me a bookmark for Mother's Day and it said (in his first grade writing):
M - Marvelous
O - Organized
M - Makes good food
What six year old even has the word organized in his vocabulary? (At least he thought I made good food...)
I was listening to a lecture on creativity by Ricky Tims last night and he said, "Are you organized?  We hate you!  We respect you, but we hate you!"
Why are organized people hated??  I'm just curious.  I like being organized, it makes me feel peaceful.  To each his own though, you have to do what works for you!

Now, mothers of little ones have to be a little bit organized, right?  Time to baby proof the house, as Little Miss Into Everything is on the move!

I love her so much :)

Have a great day!!

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