Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Jeff!!

Happy Birthday Jeff!  My son is turning 30 today!  I told him that he is still young and he said he's "youngish" -  I told him I'M youngish, he's young!
We've had a busy week, as you can tell since I haven't posted for a few days.  We spent last weekend in Park City celebrating the "30, 55, 80" birthday party.  We had a ton of fun hanging out with family.  Then we joined our youngest daughter and her family for a fun trip to Disneyland and just got home late last night.  What a great time!  I sure love spending time with our family :)

Megan had the great idea to create a picture book for my Dad's birthday.  She collected pictures from all of us with my Dad through the years and put them together in a "Critter Book".  (The kids all call him Critter).  There are pictures of them skiing, hiking, boating, eating, riding go-carts, going to Disneyland, even sky diving together!  It turned out great and I think he is really enjoying it.

We missed my youngest son, he couldn't make it, but we did a Google hangout with him so he could say "hi" to everyone.  (My brother was visiting too!) We played some fun games and Jeff and Jessie made "Butter Beer" - famous from Harry Potter and SO delicious.  I must get the recipe!

Back to quilting this week.  It would be nice to finish quilting Dear Jane before my birthday, as a gift to myself :)


  1. I got the recipe today from Jessie! I'll forward it to you.

  2. Sooooo fun!! Happy 3-0 Jeff!

  3. Such a fun weekend! Here's the Butterbeer recipe for anyone interested:

    About 24 oz cream soda (2 cans)
    1/2 cup (or even a little more :) ) butterscotch dessert syrup

    1 cup whipped cream
    Fold 2 Tbsps of melted butter into whipped cream
    Fold in 2 Tbsps of vanilla (maybe just one if you're using pure vanilla extract. We use imitation vanilla.)

    Then you just spoon the whipped cream stuff onto the soda/butterscotch mixture!

    This makes enough for the two of us!