Monday, July 11, 2016

Highlights From the Magic Kingdom!

As I mentioned yesterday, we took a trip to Disneyland last week with our daughter and her family.  What a fun time we had visiting Disneyland with our first grandchild!

She was interested in everything and afraid of nothing!  Not even Goofy!

We had to satisfy Grandma's sweet tooth with a Cookie Bits Sundae from the Ghirardelli Shop. Delicious!!

She does not like hats but we were able to snatch a couple of "mouse ear" photos before she took them off.  Above is Snow White.

The parks opened at 7:00 AM and she was ready to go each morning!

And then pretty pooped out later in the day :)

Here she is trying on Minnie ears.  They didn't last long.  As soon as she realizes something is on her head, off it goes!

I was amazed at how many rides she could go on at this age.  She was so enthralled with them all that it made it that much more fun for the rest of us :)

We had to get a little beach time in, while in California!  She loved that too - loved the sand, loved the ocean - she loves being outdoors!

Uh oh, she's discovered the money .... and the credit cards .... Watch out Dad!

What a fun time we had with our good little traveler on our Disneyland adventure!  She won't remember it, but we all will!  We will have to go again when she's older!

Have a very HAPPY day :)

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