Thursday, July 28, 2016

Machine Quilting Marathon

Here are the last of my photos from the HMQS in Salt Lake.  Enjoy!

Best Day Ever
pieced and quilted by Corinna J. Weir

I love the combination of swirls and bubbles!

pieced and quilted by Suzanne Hyland

Tropical Rays
pieced and quilted by Suzanne Hyland

pieced and quilted by Suzanne Hyland

Judy and Babbs Great Adventure
pieced and quilted by Gina Perkes

Morning Stars
pieced by Maho Schwartz
quilted by Carol Armstrong

I have been quilting Jane for about six weeks. Any chance I get to go into my sewing room that's what I've been working on.  I should have kept track of how many hours I've quilted on it, but I didn't.... Anyway, hopefully, tomorrow or Saturday I will finish the quilting and be ready to sew on the binding - after 8 long years of working on this quilt I can finally see the the finished product in sight!

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