Friday, July 22, 2016

Polish Pottery

I have been drooling over polish pottery for several years, ever since eating dinner over at a friend's house and she had it, used it for the dinner and told me all about it.  I couldn't justify getting any at the time because our dishes were fine and we didn't really need any.  However several years have gone by and our dishes are chipping and cracking (no, I'm not breaking them on purpose :), so when my hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday I suggested beginning our own collection of polish pottery and lucky for me he got as excited about it as I am!

So here is what he got me for my birthday - six plates and an oval baker.  It's SO pretty!  Each piece is unique and beautiful and according to another friend who has her own collection, it's very durable - dishwasher and oven safe.  I am sure that all of our meals will taste so much better when served on these plates.  I am so excited to begin using them and adding to our collection bit by bit.

A friend gave me this beautiful Sue Spargo 2017 wall calendar!  Talk about drooling - the pictures of Sue's art in the calendar are definitely drool worthy and very inspiring. I just may have to hang it up before 2017 so I can enjoy it now!

Another friend gave this pretty Willow Tree statue called Bloom.  I love the sentiment attached:
"Like our friendship - vibrant and ever constant"

I'm so thankful for dear friends and a wonderful family!!  I love them all :)

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