Saturday, July 23, 2016

Quilting and Camping?

Parrot's Island
pieced and quilted by Claudia Pfeil

(Part of a special Teacher's Exhibit at HMQS, Salt Lake, May 2016)

She was able to produce the effect of Molas with thread art on her APQS Longarm machine.

whole cloth, quilted by Teri Lucas

Jungle Abstractions: The Lion
pieced and quilted by Violet Craft

Under the Radar
pieced and quilted by Corinne Sovey

My husband asked if I'd go camping with him if he bought me a tent that looks like a quilt (below).  Hmmm.... probably not.  I think I left camping behind in my younger days :)
How about this watermelon tent?  I would worry it would attract bears!
If you like these tents though, check them out at:

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