Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Brigham City Museum Exhibit - More Quilts!

In The Southern Tradition
by Cynthia England, Texas

Artist's rendition of a home in League City, TX built in 1913

Serengeti Child
by Grade Errea, California

Based on a photo taken when the child was unaware he was being observed :)

Dragon Dance
by Laurie Miller, Missouri

Tessellating Pinwheels provide the background to the appliquéd dragon.

Canyonlands Morning
by Susan Madden, Utah

Canyonlands is in Southeast Utah, near Moab.  Madden captured this photo while on a camping trip.

Postcards from Jerusalem
by Jenny Bowker, Australia

I saw Jenny on The Quilt show and she is delightful.

"Three major religions are represented in the quilt.  The floor where the postcards are scattered is similar to the floor in front of the cross at Calvary in the Holy Sepulchre Church.
The border wraps around the mosque of the Dome of the Rock, just inside its outer walls.  It encloses the Jewish Holy of Holies, the Muslim site of Mohammed's ascent to Heaven, and the story from Christianity's Old Testament of Abraham and Issac."

My Deer
by Molly Y. Hamilton- McNally, California

Very nice quilt using the stained glass technique. Molly was born in China and draws on her Chinese heritage for inspiration.

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