Sunday, August 28, 2016

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Following are some more photos from the quilt exhibit at the Brigham City Museum.

by Claudia Scheja, Germany

Depicted in the skyline are landmarks of Berlin, the capital of Germany and the bear paws, in the center, are the emblem of Berlin.

Inner Beauty
by Cathleen Miller, New Mexico

Hand quilted and hand appliquéd.

Whole cloth quilts are difficult to get good pictures of, but this quilt is stunning.

Forever in My Heart
by Lahala Phelps, Utah

This quilt was made in memory of her mother. It is hand appliquéd and hand quilted.

You can see here that Forever in My Heart has a little mini twin, at least in color if not in design :)  I love miniatures!

Here is a close up of the mini twin:

Dutch Flower Pots
also by Lahala Phelps, Utah

Also hand appliquéd and hand quilted!!

Hard Times
3D work by Susan Else, California

The piece reflects the uncertainty and discomfort many have experienced during the recent recession.

Lotus and Romy with Vase
by Tarek Fattoh, Egypt

Fattoh is one of the Tentmakers of Cairo.

"The artist appliqués his exotic, intricate design to a fine cotton background on a large piece of canvas.  He stitches with a thread length of two to three feet long, turning the edges of the fabric under with his needle. Fattoh often works 14 hours a day in his shop, as it's the sole means of his livelihood."

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