Thursday, August 4, 2016

Springville Trunk Show

Clasp your hands together like this. I'll explain why I had you do that in a minute.
Last night was the trunk show at the Springville Art Museum. (They have an awesome quilt show hanging there right now too.)
They had five presenters and we each had 30 minutes to show and talk about as many quilts as we could or wanted to. It was really, really fun! I brought 30 quilts thinking about a quilt per minute by the time they held them up and I talked a bit about them. 
At first I was kind of embarrassed by how many I brought and thought we wouldn't even get through them all, but the quilt holders have quilt holding down to a science and were extremely efficient. The first presenter showed probably twice that many! I then began to worry that I didn't bring enough. I would have to talk more! It all worked out fine though and I enjoyed doing it. Luckily for me several people had questions about miniature quilts and sashiko so I was able to fill some time. I got to look around at the quilt show afterwards too, which you get a glimpse of on the walls behind us.
I had family and friends come for moral support and my husband and son-in-law hauled all of my quilts in for me. I appreciate all that love and support, and the support of family who wanted to come and couldn't! It meant a a lot. My son-in-law said, while sitting at a quilt trunk show "this must be what it's like going to a football game when you know nothing about football." šŸ˜Š
Ok, why did I have you clasp your hands? This is what I learned at the trunk show last night from another presenter: If your left thumb is on top, that means you're a pattern follower and like to go by the rules and you are precise in your quilting. If your right thumb is on top, you're more of a free form, play and try things out, change the pattern sort of quilter. Think Ricky Tims caveman quilting :) You can see what I am in the photo above. If you know me you probably already guessed. Which are you? I'd love to hear so post a comment and let us know!
Have a great day!!


  1. My left thumb was on top and that describes me. I've never heard of that trick before. Glad the quilt show went great!

  2. I just noticed the people holding up your quilts aren't wearing gloves. Isn't that a thing?

    1. Wearing white gloves is definitely a thing at quilt shows, not so much at trunk shows. I guess we just assume the quilt holders all wash their hands!

  3. I'm definitely a left thumb on top person!

  4. It's so awesome that you get asked to present your work! I wish we could have been there to see it! And I am a right over left but I guess that's not too much of a surprise :)

  5. I'm a pattern person..darn it. I get the pattern, but then I also sometimes vary from it to make it easier or more tailored to me. Gini Bright