Friday, September 2, 2016

A Few More Pictures!

Here are the last of the pictures I took at the Brigham City Museum Quilt Exhibit :)

Butterfly House
by Gloria Loughman, Australia

This house "was built  close to Loughman's parents' beach house in Dromana, Victoria in 1954." When Loughman was a child she thought the house must've come from outer space because it was so different!

Sweet Song from an Old Fiddle
by Lea McComas, Colorado

Redbud Ramble
by Linda M. Roy, Tennessee

Spring Crocuses
by Jan P. Krentz, California

Japanese Tea Garden
by Mary Ann Hildebrand, Texas

(There is so much amazing detail in this quilt.)

Wake-up Call
by Susan Else, California

A 3D teapot!!

Aurora Diamond Landscape
by Jan P. Krentz, California

Two small pieces by Stephanie Crawford

Top: Beach Huts at Bexhill-on-Sea

Bottom:  Black-and-White Building at Tower of London

I hope you're all set for a nice Labor Day weekend!!

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