Thursday, September 15, 2016

CWQG Challenge!

Last night was the revealing of the CO West Quilt Guild's challenge quilts.  The theme had to do with Games and you had to use a piece of red or yellow fabric that was provided.  Several nice quilts were turned in and the members got to vote for their three favorites.  I apologize up front for my lack of detailed information.  I was helping out at the membership table and didn't get all of the details I would've liked, but here goes!

Above left is a Checkers quilt made by Janet.  She also made yo-yos for the game pieces.

Above right is Scrabble made by Judy and this won an award.

Left is Chubby Checkers made by Gini.  This quilt is reversible so there is another game on the other side but I didn't quite catch what it was!  I'm hoping Gini will comment below and give us more information :)

Rubics Cube


(My husband and I used to play Backgammon ALL the time. We haven't for years - need to dig out that game again :)

Tic Tac Toad by Jerri
This won first place if I'm not mistaken.

100 Ant Picnic by Chris

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Quibbler (one of my husband's favorite games)
by Edith
And my personal favorite, Mondrians Tic Tac Toe
by Kathy
(I think I was drawn to the Modern look and the quilting on this one.)

Everyone did a great job though and I'm so impressed with all who entered!  My red piece of fabric is still sitting upstairs in my sewing room....
I do have an idea now though for a game inspired quilt.  My kids came up with this idea Labor Day weekend.  My daughter gave me some Carcassonne fabric that she made on Spoonflower and we have several more game pictures ready to be made into fabric.  So the plan is that I will make a quilt using fabric from many of our favorite games and create a Victory Board quilt to keep track of our Victory Board points when we all get together for holidays!  It won't be quite as cool as the computer app my son made, but it will be pretty!

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  1. The reverse was sudoku. All panels were different..9 different colors in each of nine squares.square and down and across. A little bit of a challenge.