Friday, September 30, 2016

Deb Karasik

At the Utah Quilt Fest they invite four national teachers every year, who teach classes throughout the week, and also lecture at one of the luncheons.  I was able to go to the luncheon on Friday and the National Teacher speaker was Deb Karasik.  Here we are at the luncheon - as you can see, it's a full house!  Below is Deb speaking.  She is a VERY funny lady and a talented quilter.  She told a funny story about Johnny Dep.  Apparently she used to be an interior designer and has designed three of his houses!  He still owns a quilt that she gave him.

Deb brought a LOT of quilts to show us.  She designs her quilts using EQ software.  Following are several of her quilts that I could get a good picture of.
You can find out more about Deb on her website:

Oh, one more thing, someone asked her what black fabric she uses for her background fabric in all of the bright quilts pictured below.  She said she uses 1895-4 fabric from Hoffman.  She said technically it's not black but a very dark blue!  Here is is:
They call it black, but it does look rather blue in the picture.

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