Thursday, September 8, 2016

Little Bits Show and Tell

Here are some Show and Tell pictures from my miniature quilt group "Little Bits" meeting yesterday.

Annie finished up her Mini Me wall hanging!  We all made small versions of ourselves out of fabric and everyone is putting theirs together how they choose.  Annie and Eleanor started the group, probably close to 20 years ago now, so they are the two at the top.  The rest of us are all on the bottom row.  It turned out so good!  I am excited to get mine done.  I got some good ideas on how to finish it by looking at Annies.

Here is an English Paper Piecing project that Sherida is working on.  This is going to be awesome!

These three pictures are of a pillow Sherida made, using wool appliqué and adding some extra special touches using some old pillowcases her grandmother had embroidered and tatted. She took off the tatting and the embroidery from the pillowcase and added them as embellishments to the pillow.
Great idea!!

June has been working on "Pennies from Heaven" for a long time (not quite as long as I worked on Dear Jane!) and she's getting close to finishing.  Look how beautiful this block turned out! Her embroidery and beading embellishments are fantastic.

As a group we made these bookmarks. Since my daughter is here visiting, she made one too!

They are fun, quick and easy to make.  We did have some trial and error learning though since it had been awhile since I made them ....

Here is the ruler and pattern used to make them.  There is a small ruler, which we used for the bookmarks, and a larger ruler you can use to make quilt sashing, decorate clothing, or a number of other ideas!

A fun time with great friends!

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  1. Karen, I belong to a book club...would like to make the bookmarks for them. Could you please share the name of ruler & pattern? Thank you!