Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Share Your Talents

This beautiful quilt is hanging at the Pavilion Imaging Center.  I appreciate whoever is letting it hang there for all to enjoy!

Entering a quilt show can kind of be a pain!  You have to fill out an entry form, pay an entry fee, wait and see if your quilt is accepted (if it's a juried show), then perhaps mail the quilt to the show, or arrange drop off and pick up.  Winning a prize can be fun, but only a small percentage of those who enter win an award.  But what would happen if no one took the time, effort, or expense to enter shows?  Then we wouldn't have all these beautiful quilts to look at and be inspired by!  I used to enter more shows, but have gotten kind of lazy the last few years.  It's kind of selfish to keep our talents all to ourselves. We need to share our work, teach and help others to enjoy.  Even if you think your work isn't "good enough", I guarantee you someone will be inspired by it.  So let's not be lazy - let's share our work and what we love about quilting!
(I will be sharing some photos from the UQG Quilt Fest over the next several days. Thanks to all who entered something in the show!)
Have a great day!

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