Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy Fun Football

It's football season for all of you football fans!  Friday night my hubby and I went, with some friends, to a BYU football game (our alma mater).  We stayed at a hotel across the street from the stadium so we had a parking place (always an issue) and could just walk over.  Somehow we ended up in the BYU super fan room! Not only did we sleep in a BYU bed, but the whole room was decorated with BYU paraphernalia.  It was kind of fun - got us excited for the game :)

We only got to sleep in that bed for about 5 hours though because the game went into double overtime, so it was a late one!

We got a little band concert before the game as we were waiting for our friends. (They were probably trying to find a place to park...)

The game was so close which made it all the more exciting. Then, when BYU won in the second overtime, the fans were so excited they rushed the field.  We just watched the fun as I think we're too old to go leaping over the sides to get on the field.  It sure made for a fun, exciting game though!  Go Cougars!

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