Saturday, October 22, 2016

Polish Pottery

We were over in the Denver area this week so I talked my hubby into stopping at the Polish Pottery Outlet in Englewood.  He took this picture and added this meme of his thoughts when he first saw the store.

Oh my goodness - it was a feast for the eyes.  I absolutely love this stuff!  One of the women who works there said, "Every time I open my kitchen cupboard I feel happy."  My thoughts exactly :)

Each piece is an individual work of art, hand painted by an artist in Poland.  They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe etc.  My mission was to add to the collection that we started for my birthday.  This is early Christmas!

We were there awhile.... SO many beautiful works of art to see!!

This little pumpkin came home with us.

Look at these gorgeous place settings!

Below is a quote from this weeks' Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast, Music and the Spoken Word.  You can hear the whole piece tomorrow on their broadcast.  It's called Art Matters.

Art Matters
"Art can be powerful and stirring, and it can be quiet and simple. It can move us and calm us. It can inspire and console us. Art helps us to ponder life’s great questions and appreciate its lighter side. It can lift us when we’re feeling down and open our eyes and hearts to the needs of those who suffer. Indeed, the arts illuminate the human condition, fostering more empathetic people and more compassionate communities.

This is what art can do for individuals, families, and entire communities. It can help us better understand each other, ourselves, and our place in the universe. The arts both explore and express what it means to be human and to feel the wonder and beauty of life." Music and the Spoken Word
And if all of that didn't make you smile, then this certainly will!  Have a great day!


  1. The polish pottery is so awesome! I like it!:)

  2. Hey! I was just googling "Quilt memes" and this picture was in the 2nd line!!!!!! (Jenny Dalley - Kathy Lisco's daughter)

  3. Really! That's funny! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I couldn't find it! Any chance you can send me the link? Thanks!