Sunday, October 9, 2016

Still House Building

Actually I'm sewing a playhouse!  One of those that fits over a card table.  I've been wanting to make one for awhile, ever since my friend Michelle made three adorable houses.  I want to finish it by Thanksgiving so a certain little person can have some fun in it at Grandma's house :)  I will post some pictures of it soon!  I was able to get two walls "built" yesterday!

In the meantime, over the next three days, I will share the rest of my Quilt Fest quilt show pictures!

Sparkling Gems
pieced by Mary Evans
quilted by Charice Hunt

Smooth Sailing
pieced and quilted by Cindy Hathcock

Christmas Friends
pieced by Viola Bodrero
quilted by Teresa Allsop

Jolly Santa
pieced by Carol Hunt
quilted by Cindy Williams

Lovely Day
pieced and quilted by Cathie Cee

Louisiana Houses
pieced by Barb Graney
quilted by Yessant Habetz

Judge's Choice Award

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