Sunday, November 13, 2016

Add 40 Star Blocks

I made some progress on my scrap quilt this weekend.  I made 40 star blocks!  All that is left is a variation of a log cabin block to make one final go around the outside perimeter - 36 more blocks.  I haven't bought a single piece of fabric yet for this quilt.  I'm making good use of my Civil War reproduction fabrics left over from Dear Jane.  Even the light colored fabrics are scraps from the Civil War shirting fabrics. I've actually hardly made a dent!  I think I have a few more scrap quilts in my future :) I'm really happy with the way this one is looking so far!

I changed some of the star blocks around from this picture to the the picture below, to try and spread the colors out a bit better.  Not a huge difference, but it satisfied my eye a little better :)

I hope you had a nice productive weekend too.  Now on to Monday and the start of a bran new week!  Have a great day!

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