Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Epic Escape

Probably the funnest thing we did over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend was go to Epic Escape in downtown Grand Junction.  They have these all over now, where they set up a room with clues and you have to try to solve a mystery or puzzles to get out of the room - you have one hour to do it.  It was SO much fun!  It's also very family oriented, something the whole family can enjoy.

This team was in "The Hunted" game and were "locked" in a cabin.  They were able to solve the clues and puzzles with seconds to spare.
Our team was in "The Missing Manuscript", which is apparently the beginner room for those who've never played before.  I still thought it was hard!  We were able to get out with a couple of minutes to spare, so we beat The Hunted team by a minute or two.
There is a phone in the room and get three free clues to help you as you go along.  Our granddaughter even helped us find a clue, as she moved a rug that we probably wouldn't have otherwise moved - and there was a clue hidden underneath.

Here is our happy group afterward.  I really can't express how much fun we had.  I'd love to get a group together and go back and do the other two rooms.  They are adding a fourth as well.  So, so fun :)

We had to top that fun activity off with some gelato from Gelato Junction and a nice walk around downtown :)

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