Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Al!!

This blog post is about some dear friends, Al and Annie.  Al (pictured below) turned 95 years young today.  He is quite an amazing person.  More on that in a minute...

Annie, while still in her youth (she's only in her eighties) is always teaching us at our Little Bits meetings.  She brought this Bristol Board, that she has marked with different dimensions and she uses it for pressing.  You know how some patterns will have you "turn under and press 1/4 inch" and most of us just guess or estimate that 1/4 inch?

Well, with 1/4 inch and many other dimensions marked on the Bristol board, you can take the guess work out of pressing those edges on your projects!  She said the iron (even steam) does not hurt the Bristol board, yet the board is thin (like poster board) so you get an accurate measurement when turning up the edges and pressing.  I hope I'm explaining this well because it really is a nifty idea!  If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

About a week ago my hubby and I went and listened to Al recite Cowboy Poetry, that he wrote himself, and has completely memorized.  He had everyone rolling with laughter at his poetry, mostly based on true experiences from his life.  There were a few other poets and musicians as well, including Kathy's husband Terry, and we had a delightful evening. (Kathy is also in our Little Bits group.)
I hope my memory and vitality are as good as Al's when I'm 95 :)

On a quilting note, Annie completed her Postage Stamp quilt that we started in our Little Bits group awhile back.  Her Thursday Quilters  group hand quilted it!  It turned out SO nice!  There are only a bazillion seams in this smallish quilt so I feel sorry for those hand quilters, but they did a fabulous job :)

Al is a veteran of WW II, so it is fitting that he celebrates his birthday today and is honored for his service to our country tomorrow.  I'd like to thank all of our veterans of any war for working and fighting to protect our freedom.

Have a wonderful day!!

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