Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Homemade Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  We were able to see all of our kids, parents, and some siblings at various times over the holidays.
My friend Kim gave us this awesome ornament that I put our current family picture in - what a keepsake!
We received some lovely gifts and I'm so thankful to everyone for thinking of us.  It is also fun to receive Christmas cards this time of year and catch up with far away friends.

For the purpose of my quilting blog, I'm going to share a few hand made gifts - even though only two of them are quilt related.

By now you all know I LOVE the color orange - I talk about it a LOT on this blog.  My oldest daughter picked up on that and gave me some "orange" gifts for Christmas!  She made a word cloud, using words that describe a person who likes the color orange and framed it. (I will share a close up of this one later).  She also framed a quote  by Frank Sinatra that says "Orange is the happiest color"!  I love these! And you can see an orange journal, which I think I will use as a quilt journal, and orange lotion :)
If you're interested in making a word cloud picture go check out:

I can finally show the wool table mat I made for my daughter Michelle.  I shared some close up photos of the stitching on the flowers before.  I'll share a better photo of the whole mat tomorrow.

My son-in-law made our granddaughter a bear chair! It looks like she will have plenty of fun with this!

And my daughter Megan made her husband a t-shirt quilt using some of his old favorite t-shirts!  It turned out fantastic!

We also received a hand made gift from our granddaughter but I don't have a picture of it yet, so I will share that and some close-ups of these other gifts tomorrow.

Have a terrific New Year's Eve!!

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