Thursday, December 8, 2016

Show and Tell!

I better post the Little Bits Show and Tell pictures because my computer has to go the doctor tomorrow and I have no idea how long they'll keep it!  Isn't amazing that not too many years ago, we didn't even have computers?  Now we depend on them for SO much....

We will start the show with this adorable little case made by Sherida (out of wool).  I think it would fit my iPad perfectly :)

Max, on a dare from a friend, made a really cute Christmas table runner (above) out of some pretty crazy Christmas fabrics.  It turned out super cute.

Leota has been busy making flannel rag quilts!

This one has REALLY cute fox fabric!  I am a little obsessed with foxes lately - maybe because they're orange :)

Here is another cute kid quilt Leota is working on.

June showed off her big bag, made at the last meeting (Max showed us how.)  June is letting me borrow it for the weekend to haul my tuffet to the Sew Savvy party at Hi Fashion.  Thanks June!  Yes, it's a big enough bag to put a tuffet in!

June also finished up several hexagon table toppers that she showed us "in progress" at the last meeting.

If you love cats, you'll love the fabric on the back of this one!

This is the other side of Sherida's "iPad" case!

A beautiful quilt that Kathy is making for her nephew - lucky guy!

Kathy is also working on the 3D wall hanging in the photo below.  This is going to be really cute.

I told you I'm a little obsessed with foxes lately!  I picked this guy up at Barnes and Noble.  If you want to shop at Barnes and Noble, wait until Saturday and then be sure to mention the CO West Quilt Guild, as they are having a fundraiser there that day :)

I'll share more when I get my computer back - hopefully ALL FIXED!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Too funny. The hexagon table topper with the cat in the center piece. I used that same fabric for a "stack & whack" MANY years ago. It's from Daisy Kingdom in Portland OR. Sad to say, I don't think they exist any longer