Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Embroidery Guild - Wow!

This morning I did a Zentangle presentation at our local Embroidery Guild.  I had never been to the Embroidery Guild before - my friend Laura is a member and invited me to give the presentation.  What a wonderful group!  I had so much fun I think I will have to go again! (There are actually a couple of projects they are working on this year that I definitely want to get in on!)  I am definitely a beginner amongst this group of seasoned stitchers.

I don't know why, but my pictures keep loading out of order and I don't know how to "fix" it so I'll just go with it.  I took some pictures of their lovely show and tell projects.  This picture is a close up of the Noel banner shown below.

Laura, who besides being a beautiful embroiderer is our local wool expert, designed this Winter wool project for her Black Sheep group.  This is a close up of the gingerbread house (amazing right?). The rest of the quilt top is shown below.

This is just my pile of stuff for the presentation ready to go!

Laura's Winter quilt...

How cute are these??

I love this cross stitched nativity!  Beautifully done!

This is an example of "Blackwork".  It looks like Zentangle, don't you think? I really want to give this a try.

This is an example of Schwalm Embroidery made by Linda.  This is the first time I've ever heard of this type of embroidery.  I clearly have a lot to learn, and I must say I learned more today at this guild meeting than they learned from me!  And I had a great time!

Thank you for inviting me :)

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