Saturday, January 7, 2017


I finally chose my "word" for 2017. I debated back and forth between several different words, but this one kept coming back to me. I teach six year olds in our church's Primary organization and the theme this year for the whole church is Choose the Right. The sub theme for our little local congregation's Primary is Choose Faith.  So my word is Faith, and that's what I want to focus on for 2017.
I think Faith helps me keep the bigger picture in mind and not "sweat the small stuff" as much as I otherwise would.

Faith can mean many things to many people:  Faith in Jesus Christ, faith in our families, faith in our own abilities, faith in our friendships.

It took a little faith to start quilting this quilt for my Mom.  I'm not used to quilting on solids - I rarely use solids!  The quilting shows up so much more on solids!  Yesterday I had my quilting books spread out all over my sewing room trying to glean some ideas.  Today I just went for it, played, and had so much more fun.

Michelle commented that her word for the year is Perseverance - another great word!  Like persevering and finishing up all those UFOs you have in your closet, or persevering and losing those 20 extra pounds!  (I need to do both!)

Whatever your word is for 2017, be kind to yourself and others and you will be off to a great start!

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