Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!!

Does it seem possible that it is already 2017? It seems like yesterday that it was the new millennium and Y2K and all that, and now here it is 17 years later!
What big plans do you have for the new year?  Mine include the usual - eat healthier, exercise better, create more (i.e. finish up some UFOs)  :) I also want to take a trip with my husband - location to be determined, and perhaps go to the Houston Quilt Festival again this year.  And I want to spend lots of quality time with our family, as much and as often as we can!

As promised, here are some close-up photos of the hand made gifts I shared yesterday and a few more.

This is the wool appliqué mat I made for my daughter.

One of my "orange" gifts.  I have to agree with Mr. Sinatra that orange IS the happiest color :) Yellow and Lime Green are right up there too!

Look at these adorable hand towels made by my daughter and granddaughter!  Little bumblebees made out of the baby's foot prints!  That must have been an exciting craft day!!

I will treasure these always :)

Megan also made me a new family picture calendar!  I think this is the third one and I look forward to the new one every year!

Here is the ORANGE word cloud.  These words describe a person who likes the color orange.  I hope I can live up to them!

Another hand towel - this time foot print butterflies!  I can hardly wait to kiss those cute little feet :)

Happy New Year!  Be good to yourself, set realistic goals and be sure to plan some time for fun and creativity in the new year!

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