Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hey Girl...

I must've looked pretty sexy today because I quilted all day in my sweat pants - haha!! (Not sure my hubby would agree :)

If you want to see some teeny tiny pieces, head on over to Rogue Quilter's blog and check out her latest works:

In the top photo - those little half square triangles in the border finish at 1/4 inch!!  No, that is not a typo - really 1/4 inch...

In the bottom photo, the diameter of the Mariner's Compass is three inches!!  Pretty amazing...

Back to batting and crinkly quilts.  My friend Michelle showed me two quilts that have wool batting. She had not pre-washed the fabric in either quilt (and one was flannel) and both had been washed and thrown in the dryer numerous times and are absolutely beautiful, soft and snuggly.  So maybe the wool batting made a difference, or maybe the more you wash it, the better it gets??  Maybe one washing is simply not enough.

Tomorrow I will show you the quilt I'm quilting now.

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