Thursday, January 5, 2017

Little Bits Meeting

Yesterday I went to my miniature quilt group meeting at Kathy's (Little Bits). She fixed a pot of soup for lunch, we had show and tell and then she taught us how to make the three dimensional blocks that are in the quilt she showed us last month.  It was a nice, relaxing afternoon!

Here are some show and tell:

This quilt was made by Kathy - interesting fabrics and a very interesting design!

These two pillows were made by Sherida.  The one above was in the Hoffman challenge a couple of years ago and has been traveling as part of their exhibit for the last two years - she just got it back.  I really love this pillow on the left too, with its bright colors on black fabric - very pretty!

She said I've seen her wool bag before but I can't remember it!  It is awesome!

Annie made a potholder that looks like a shirt and tie.  A cute gift for the men cookers in your life :)

Kathy is teaching her sister how to quilt and the cute monkey quilt above is her sisters first quilt!  Way to go!

Kathy made the advent calendar!

This is a close up of the binding on Kathy's sister's quilt.  This is a great stitch if you're machine stitching down your binding!  I usually hand stitch the binding and you sew the binding on the top of the quilt and flip it around to the back to hand stitch.  If you're going to machine stitch it, like this quilt, you sew the binding to the back side of the quilt and flip it around to the front of the quilt and use your decorative stitch to tack it down.

The picture below shows what it looks like on the back. I may have to give this a try!  I like the look of this stitch - and it gives the binding a little something extra!

Here is my 3D block that she taught us how to make - super cute and simple!

I'm still trying to think of my "word" for 2017.  I haven't received any comments, so maybe you're still trying to think of yours too!

I read The Inbox Jaunt this morning and Lori Kennedy's word for 2017 if Focus.  You can find the Inbox Jaunt at:

While you're there, check out her new thread organization.  Looks pretty awesome!

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