Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy National Quilting Day!!

A year ago Sharon Wright came to our guild and gave a presentation and workshop.  I had taken a few classes from her at Quilt Fest (Utah Quilt Guild) and she is just a wonderful teacher and has SO many great ideas.  She challenged us to think outside the box and to be creative, even when using a pattern, to be creative with the setting or the borders or something to change it up a bit.  She showed us many, many examples that were so inspiring.  Then she had a "door prize" drawing, and those who were picked got to go pick something out of a huge pile of things she brought from her sewing room and they were challenged to make something out of it.  I remember Lucina made hers right away and I posted a picture of that some time ago.  At this last guild meeting Mary showed her Penguins on Parade - made from the penguin fabric she received from Sharon.

And Marie showed this beautiful quilt made from the nature panels she received.

I am being challenged creatively right now by making my daughter's art quilt!  I'm having fun though!  Yesterday I spent a lot of time picking out fabric and coming up with a plan and last night I began the hand appliqué!  The real fun is going to come with the embellishing :)

Have a fun day and do something to celebrate our love of quilting!!

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