Thursday, March 16, 2017

Needle Case

I finished my Sue Spargo needle case (my friend Michelle gave me the pattern and needles ages ago!) and now I am super excited about taking her class next weekend!

I'm showing my work up close here but don't judge too harshly as this is the first time I've made some of these stitches.

The pattern called for certain types of stitches for the circles on the back, then I could get creative with the front.  My two favorite circles on the front are the yellow and dark green, including some bullion loops, fly stitch, French knots, coral knot stitch, trellis stitch and pistol stitch!

After going a little crazy on the front, I went back and added some more stitches to the back circles, including the Drizzle stitch and the seed stitch.

This little project was so much fun!  I've been collecting threads and embellishments and different types of fabric for the class.  I'm anticipating learning a LOT!  I'll share pictures!

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