Monday, March 13, 2017

The Quiet Book

Check out this super cute Quiet Book that my daughter Megan made for my granddaughter!

Apparently she got some ideas from Pinterest, but she did not have a pattern and designed it all herself!  It's SO cute and I'm so impressed :)

Here is a doll with a closet full of clothes.

Put all the socks in the washing machine and find the matching pairs! (My granddaughter LOVES socks, and shoes!)

A mail box and a zipper board...

Counting beads...

The pink ziplock is  the back side of the piggy bank pictured below, so she can take "money" out and put it in the bank over and over again.

A zoo, with finger puppets...

Shapes and colors...

And a castle, complete with finger puppet princesses!

All for this little princess here :)


  1. That book turned out so cute! Great job Megan!

  2. That is adorable! She should make a pattern!