Monday, April 3, 2017

Bobbin Lace

OK, a few more pictures of the Sue Spargo Event!

One of the ladies in the class brought her bobbin lace to demonstrate on the second day.  She uses Sue Spargo threads to make, by hand, these really pretty ribbons. Click on the photo below to make it bigger and you can see just how beautiful this lace/ribbon is.  Watching her work, it kind of reminded me of the old macrame days!  Anyone remember what macrame is?? :)

Here are some more samples of Sue's stitches....


We learned how to make bumble bees and lady bugs!  I think, having done Brazilian Embroidery before helps me with a lot of these stitches, especially those involving bouillons!

And pictured below is the "graduating class" of the Sue Spargo Event - haha!  What a lot of fun!

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