Thursday, April 6, 2017

Little Bits

Yesterday I went to my miniature quilt group meeting - Little Bits - which is always a fun afternoon with wonderful friends.

Bobbi showed us how to make these ornaments.  They are wood, very thin, that she painted and June's husband drilled the tiny little holes and we then stitched them with embroidery floss!  It was fun and they all turned out so pretty!

June brought a couple of quilts to show!

She got all of our mini me's stitched down - she's further along than I am!  I like the way she stitched a thread coming off of each spool and then used that thread to embroidery each of our names - very clever!

Today I have Wool Gatherer's at Hi Fashion - I plan to work on my Sue Spargo vase, or maybe my daughters quilt - I still have a lot of circles to appliqué on.  We'll see which I get ready to take!
Have a great day!

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