Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Machine Appliqué

A friend of mine, who knows I do not like to machine appliqué, asked me what I am machine appliquéing so I'm sharing some pictures.  The top one is that mystery block of the month I'm doing from My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe (from the Countdown to Christmas box I participated in). Little did I know when I pieced the pots together that I'd have to appliqué flowers in them!  And the flowers were all pre-cut with the AccuQuilt Go, so no chance of hand appliquéing like I did with the doll heads.  Sigh....
The bottom picture is my Circle of Friends quilt top that I'm working on with my miniature quilt group, the Little Bits.  Since we each made our own little selves, these also had to be fusible and therefore machine appliquéd.  I've been putting this off for months, so in order to make myself finish it I decided I couldn't start anything new until I finished it up.  It's been in my way all that time, moving it from one place to the next over and over. Do you have any projects like that?  The good news is I finished stitching around every little piece today (I did the flowers yesterday), so the worst is over!  Now I can design a border and get it quilted and finished.  Yeah!!

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