Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Red and White All Over!

And here are the rest of the Red and White quilts!

For Polly
Pieced by Strippers
Quilted by Carole Lifferth

Red and White - Modern Block Swap
Pieced by Piecemakers
Quilted by Konda Luckau

Red YoYo Mania
Pieced by Nancy Hillman Roberts
Quilted by Maridy Palmer

Queen of Quilts
Pieced by Peggy Overson
Quilted by Cindy Gardner

Winter Wonderland
Pieced by Jean Stewart
Quilted by Jennifer Ashton

Star of Chamblie
Pieced by Karen Martin
Quilted by Lou Ann Benda

Mom's Butterfly
Pieced by Marsha L. Chappell
Quilted by Becky Adams

That's it for the Ruby Jubilee quilts that I was able to see at the museum.  In September at Quilt Fest, the entire show will be red and white quilts!

I'm heading to my sewing room now to work on some ..... ah!  Machine Appliqué!  That is not my thing - so hopefully I get it done quickly :)

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