Monday, May 22, 2017

A New Thimble

My daughter went on a trip to Charleston, SC and brought me a thimble for Mother's Day!  She said the houses along this walkway have to be (and stay) painted these colors!

Following are more amazing quilts from the quilt show in SLC!

Blue Anemone
Hand painted and quilted by
Andrea M. Brokenshire

2nd Place Art Innovative

Millefiori/La Passacaglia English Paper Pieced
Pieced by Sydney Haglund
Quilted by Wren Woodland

(This was my daughter Michelle's favorite quilt :)

When My Spirit is Set Free
Pieced and quilted by Teri Cherne

1st Place Art Innovative

(Teri Cherne is the featured artist on The Quilt Show this week!)

Pieced and quilted by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Pieced by Rhonda Montgomery
Quilted by Charlene Nelson

On the Edge of Eternity
Hand painted on whole cloth and quilted by
Gayler Pulley

Honorable Mention Award

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