Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Quilt Pictures!

More pictures from the SLC show, but first - here is another flower in our garden.  I wish you could smell it!  Hmmm....

Pieced and quilted by Claudia Pfeil Krefeld (Germany)

"The pieced background is overlaid by acrylic painted circles and alcohol based inks."

Honorable Mention Award

Days End
Pieced and quilted by Peggy Marquardt

(Hand appliqué, embellished with hand embroidery.  The little quilts were pieced, then appliquéd .)

4 Flew Round the Coo Coo's Nest
Pieced by Mary Reinhardt, Dee Legvold, and Nathan Carter
Quilted by Page Johnson

First Place Computerized Quilting

A Tribute to Harry Potter
Pieced by Amber Robertson
Quilted by Glory Gifford

(We are big Harry Potter fans in our family :)

Garden of Blue
Pieced and quilted by Karen Litvinchuk

2nd Place Appliqué

Land That I Love
Pieced (appliquéd) by Sydney Haglund
Quilted by Wren Woodland

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