Wednesday, May 24, 2017

On to the Raccoon!

I received my second Woodland Whimsy block in the mail this week and today I got started on it.  Is this not the cutest little raccoon you've ever seen?? :)

More UQSM pictures!

Joseph's Mission Quilt
Pieced and quilted by Karen Schellenberg

Bye Bye Rubic Cube
Pieced and quilted by Inger Blood

Doesn't this quilt look like you could fall right into it? It was inspired by the Op Art of Victor Vasarely.

Check Out My Beauty
Pieced and quilted by Kris Orton

(I really like this one :)

Into the Westward Sun
Pieced and quilted by Bethanne Nemesh

"The quilt features original drawings, free motion quilting, and individually made beaded piping trim with prairie point binding."

3rd Place Art Innovative

Wildlife Park
by Katherine M. Dossman

Mesa Verde Cliff Palace
Pieced and quilted by Kathy Adams and Joanne Baeth
(Original design based on a photo by Joanne Baeth)

Honorable Mention Award

Hunters Bounty
Pieced and quilted by Tami Graeber

Pieced and quilted by Karen Litvinchuk

"Iridescent organza was used to achieve the look of cut-glass vases..."  The machine quilting is pretty amazing on this quilt!

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