Monday, May 1, 2017

The Cowboy Quilt

The Cowboy art quilt is done!  Yeah!  I really like it and hope Michelle will too.  It's different than anything I've ever done, with all the embellishments and bling, but it was really fun to make and I think she did a great job designing it! My husband asked what the top and left side border were "supposed to represent".  I told him since it is "art" it doesn't have to represent anything (even though I intended for it to represent a fence - split rail or barb wire :)  At the retreat Friday I was sharing  this photo with some friends and one said, "Oh look, you even have a barbed wire fence!"
THAT made my day :)

I tried out a different feather in the border, one that I had seen on the Rogue Quilter's blog, and I really like it!  I'm sure I'll be using this more motif often!

On a side note - have you heard about the IMQE??  The Quilt Show is sponsoring an International Miniature Quilt Exchange for all members (whether you're a paid subscriber or a free subscriber).  You will be paired up with a quilter from another country and exchange a miniature quilt with them.  Some of the quilts will be selected to travel to some different shows.  At first I decided not to join, even though I LOVE miniature quilts, because I figured they would have an abundance of USA quilters and not enough international quilters.  In my email today though I learned that it's actually the other way around and they need more USA quilters to join!  So I did!  I'm waiting now to hear who I'll be paired up with.  I'm pretty excited.  If you'd like more information go to:

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