Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Three Generations at the Quilt Show!

My daughters and granddaughter met me at the quilt show last week and what a fun time we had!  Miss Cutie Pie pushed her little stroller around the whole show.  Several people asked what her "baby's" name was and she would look right at them and say "Duck".  One man said, "Oh yeah!  Duh!" :)

She loved, loved, loved looking at all the quilts!

Uh oh... This one had some pretty bling on it ... Temptation!

Oooh, oooh, oooh... I just might have to touch it!  She had a tough time understanding why she couldn't touch these pretty quilts.  After all, we all love to fondle fabric, right?  Next time we'll have to bring her some white gloves :)

Hmmm... getting tired.  I think I'll kick Duck out and take a ride in my doll stroller!

She's pretty proud of herself but look how far Mom has to bend down to give a push!

You cannot see her face too well in this picture but the Lion King quilts were a huge hit!!

Like any good quilter, you find a friend to go shop the vendor booths with.  She did not know this little girl before, but what better place to make new friends than a quilt show?

See you later new friend!  Maybe at the next Quilt Show!

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