Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cindy Needham

Yesterday I went to a lecture and trunk show at the Sunset Slope Quilt Guild given by Cindy Needham.  It was fun, interesting and her work is amazing! She makes beautiful quilts and works of art using vintage linens.  This quilt is the Nun's Quilt and it has quite a story - a lot of history.

Detail of the Nun's Quilt.  You can see the quilting and beadwork she added that brought this piece back to life.

She taught a workshop yesterday and today on using her stencils for machine quilting.

In these two photos you can see that she included a photo in the display of what the vintage pieced looked like when she got it.  The picture below especially shows what she's done to restore the vintage linen.

On one of her pieced is a button that was on her grandmother's wedding dress.

She said when she's beading she sticks the small beads onto a piece of masking tape and safety pins it right to her work, so it's easy to take along and work on.

"Take the time to quilt something beautiful, your work will speak to generations to come
about your passion for quilting and give your quilt a voice, to speak to those who choose to listen."
Cindy Needham

She even uses vintage pieces for the sleeves!

Made from a vintage pillow case.

These next pictures show her process.  This is how the tablecloth looked originally.

She plans out and marks her quilting.

Quilts major designs.

Quilts fine details and adds beads.

It was truly an inspiring lecture and I'm sure those who took the classes were even more inspired!

You can read more about Cindy on her website at:

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