Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy 60th Mike!!

We spent the weekend in Telluride with our children and granddaughter celebrating my husband's 60th birthday.  It was beautiful and we had such a great time - especially just being with family :)

We happened to be there the weekend of the Hot Air Balloon Festival.  We didn't plan it that way, but what a treat!  We had SO much fun!

On Saturday night, nine hot air balloons lined the center of the Main Street in town and all lit up at night they were beautiful.  I had never been that close to one before.  I'd seen them up in the sky occasionally but that was it.  It was cool to get up close.  My daughter Megan even got to get in one!

Early Sunday morning they took off from the park on the north end of town and flew across town to land at the south end.  We watched them take off, then walked across town and watched them land!

What a fun time!!  Notice how some of the hot air balloons look like quilt patterns?  :)

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